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This is We Like Amsterdam

The go-to platform for discovering hotspots, hidden gems and must-visit places that make Amsterdam unique! Our community consists of both locals, expats and visitors who want to elevate their time in Amsterdam. They enjoy discovering new things, staying updated on activities, exploring the latest spots and more. 

Hi, I’m Naomi (1994), and the face behind We Like Amsterdam! Both my mom and dad were born and raised in Amsterdam. Our family history in Amsterdam goes way back. My parents moved to a city 15 minutes from Amsterdam when they had me. I moved back to the city, and I absolutely love living here.

Besides spending a lot of time in this vibrant city, I also started traveling when I was 18. With my backpack, I’ve visited many countries around the world spanning from Asia to Australia, South-Central and North America and of course lots of countries in Europe. I don’t think I will ever stop traveling, because I just love to discover new cultures and places. In the winter, you won’t find me in The Netherlands much because I then live on a sunny island. But no worries, we offer the best tips daily all year round!

Why Did I Start This Community?

I always keep track of the newest hotspots, gems and fun things to do. Over the past years, I’ve curated many lists for myself, such as a Google Hotspot Map with over 400+ spots in the city

On social media, I saw all these ‘viral’ videos about popular spots that everyone mentions over and over again. I thought, let’s show them some authentic stuff, like cute little places not many people know of and places you might not even be aware you can visit. I started my Instagram & TikTok accounts in April 2023, and within 8 months, I already had over 100,000 followers across these platforms. This is where the idea of creating a website started, and I’m so happy with the choice! Now I can share even more with all of you. I love creating a platform for both locals and visitors. Besides running the website and social media accounts,
I also love creating guides that are free to download.

We Make Sure We Provide You With the Best Tips!

All the tips we share have either been tested by ourselves or recommended by some amazing locals. We really want to ensure that we provide you with the best tips! We approach things here on the website positively, focusing on writing about places we genuinely enjoy. If there’s a place that doesn’t resonate with us, we choose not to include it in our recommendations. 

I feel so, so happy that I’ve turned my hobby into my job. In addition to running We Like Amsterdam, I also have a passion for helping other brands grow on social media and businesses hire me for that.

Last But Not Least

I love engaging with our readers & followers! Feel free to reach out to me through our Instagram account. Whether you’ve tried out a fun tip and want to share or if you have valuable feedback, I’d love to hear from you! Let’s keep discovering and enjoying Amsterdam together. 

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