The Best Streets in Amsterdam You Need to Visit

A local guide to the must-visit streets in Amsterdam, other than the famous 9 streets, Oudezijdsvoorburgwal and Damrak (which are beautiful as well), that you'll definitely want to explore!

We have to say, we are excited about this one! Amsterdam has so many beautiful streets, each with its own unique vibe and attractions. After all these years, we still love to wander around through all the neighborhoods to discover something new every time.


The most beautiful canal in Amsterdam is the Brouwersgracht, or Brewer’s Canal, if you ask us! It’s so picturesque and it is a fantastic starting place if you like walking around and exploring. You’ll see people living on houseboats, charming terraces and of course many old warehouses with the iconic wooden shutters next to the windows. Want to enjoy a bit of the view from either inside a cafe or their terrace? Stop at Café Tabak. 

The Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam during a sunny day

TIP >> The ‘Papiermolensluis’ bridge is a great spot to capture some Instagrammable pictures.

Spiegelgracht / Nieuwe Spiegelstraat

One of the best shopping streets to escape the mainstream shopping areas and discover little boutiques with vintage jewelry, numerous art galleries and charming local cafes is the Spiegelgracht. The views from Spiegelgracht, which transitions into Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, are ones you definitely want to include in your trip. Hungry while walking around here? Grab one of the best take-away sandwiches in Amsterdam at Zero Zero. It’s Italian and they are sooo good.


While you’re likely exploring Amsterdam on foot, Egelantiersgracht is the perfect spot for that. This street offers a glimpse into local life, situated in the Jordaan neighborhood but still an escape from the crowds. In spring and summer, Egelantiersgracht is full of beautiful flowers, little boats and locals gathering on cozy street terraces. But don’t get us wrong—it’s a must-visit street all year round!

Town houses on the Spiegelgracht in Amsterdam

TIP >> Hidden on Egelantiersgracht is the Sint Andries courtyard, open every day except Sundays from 10 AM to 5 PM. As one of Amsterdam’s oldest courtyards, it provides a unique experience as you enter a door you’re allowed to open :). Originally designated for poor, unmarried women, today it serves as a home for elderly women seeking a communal and supportive environment. Remember to be quiet and respectful when entering a courtyard.


Entrepotdok is a historic harbor area; you’ll feel its unique charm immediately when you’re there. It was built in the 19th century as a storage facility for goods arriving by ship. Today, it’s a vibrant area where you will find art studios, galleries, cafes and many young people living here. Stroll along the dock and enjoy the warehouses. During summer, you can sit on the docks and even take a dive here!

TIP >> Want to know more about our Dutch East India Company (VOC) era and the history of the Golden Age? From Entrepotdok, you can easily walk to the National Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum).

Bosboom Toussaintstraat

If we could buy a house on the Bosboom Toussaint Street, we would definitely choose this place! It’s one of the prettiest streets in Amsterdam, with a very local and charming vibe. As you wander around, you’ll find yourself surrounded by amazing restaurants, brunch spots and cafes. Don’t forget to look up when you’re in a street like this; the charm of Amsterdam’s buildings is often in the air!

Bosboom Toussaintstraat in Amsterdam

TIP >> Always want to know where to find the best brunch spots, breakfast or restaurants near you in the city? Check out our hotspot map with over 400+ hotspots. Easily open it in your Google Maps wherever you are, ensuring you never end up at the wrong spot again!


Want to see seven bridges in a row in Amsterdam? Then you need to visit Reguliersgracht! It’s a famous street for photographers and we understand why. Almost every time we ride our bikes here, we pause for a moment to soak in the beauty. We’ve seen it over a thousand times, but it’s still as pretty as always.


This street offers some of the most beautiful canal views in Amsterdam. Walking along the Herengracht, you’ll see old buildings from hundreds of years ago next to cool shops and cafes. It’s a calm and lovely spot with trees by the water. There are plenty of things to do here, like checking out famous museums such as the Canal Museum, Willet-Holthusen house and Bartolotti House Museum, or just having a coffee in a cafe by the canal. 

TIP >> Want to create a fun memory? Right outside the entrance of the Hoxton Hotel, you’ll find the famous vintage photobooth! You can take really fun pictures there, the price is € 4.00 for a strip (as of January 2024).

Photobooth on the Herengracht in Amsterdam

Van Eeghenstraat

Van Eeghenstraat stands out for its grandeur, showcasing enormous houses that are home to some of the city’s wealthier residents. The architecture of these houses is impressive, featuring a mix of classic and sophisticated styles. As you stroll along the street, you’ll notice the broadness that sets it apart from the typical narrow lanes of Amsterdam. This wider layout adds a unique charm to Van Eeghenstraat, creating an open and spacious feel that contrasts with the more intimate character of many other Amsterdam streets. 

The street runs parallel to Vondelpark, so after visiting, grab a coffee at Coffee Concepts and enjoy our amazing and biggest city park.


This street goes from Leidsegracht all the way to the ‘Magere Brug’ or Skinny Bridge, an iconic bridge in the city. From this bridge, you’ll have a beautiful view over the Amstel River, so make sure you check that out as well. As you stroll along Kerkstraat, you’ll be captivated by the picturesque scenery and the unique character of the area. In this street, you can also access the Amstelkerk (church). The Amstelkerk is a historical church building dating back to the 17th century, which we now use for all kinds of exhibitions and events.

House in the Kersktraat of Amsterdam

The central location of this street makes it a great starting point for exploring other nearby attractions in Amsterdam. Like hopping on a canal tour, we would recommend going on a 100-year-old little saloon boat for the full experience. Or visit the unusual Cat Cabinet Museum, which is actually funny to visit. It’s a beautiful old warehouse filled with special cat art of top painters.

Fun fact >> Did you know that among locals, the story goes that when you kiss your loved one under the Skinny Bridge, you’ll stay forever together? How romantic!


Prinseneiland is a true hidden gem in Amsterdam. It’s very close to the city center, but you won’t find many tourists here! This charming island features picturesque streets with rows and rows of old warehouses and houseboats. You will even find here a small palm tree garden, which you can enter for free. Prinseneiland is perfect for those seeking a unique off-the-beaten-path experience in Amsterdam.

Houses on the Prinseneiland in Amsterdam

Roemer Vischerstraat 

Along the Roemer Vischerstraat, you’ll come across something really unique – the Seven Countries Houses. These houses are a row of beautiful buildings, each designed in the style of a different country. It’s like taking a little trip around the world right in the heart of Amsterdam! You can see houses styled after countries such as Spain, Italy and more. Each one has its own charm and brings a touch of international flair to the neighborhood. It’s a fun and interesting spot to explore, especially if you’re into architecture.

Seven Countries Houses on the Roemer Visscherstraat in Amsterdam


This street is famous for the trees! This street is well-known for having lots of big and beautiful trees along the sides. People especially love walking here when the trees are in bloom, usually during spring and early summer, making it even more beautiful. However, if you visit during the fall or winter, when the trees may not have as many leaves, it still has a unique charm. 

TIP >> When you visit Valeriusstraat, you’re really close to the famous Rijksmuseum where you can explore the garden for free! It’s a wonderful place to check out. Not only can you admire the beautiful corners of the Rijksmuseum from the outside, but in the garden, you’ll also discover various plants, art, flowers and even a fountain. Want to combine it with a visit inside the museum? Get your tickets here!

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